Gluten Free


I got an order this week for a gluten free cake. The truth is I’ve had requests for no gluten cakes for quite some time. I’ve actually noticed they were getting more frequent. I guess more and more people are getting health conscious!

Up untill now I’ve said no. Its just not something I was interested in getting into. First off It’s not as easy to bake gluten free. Ever heard of xanthan gum? Neither did I until I began researching gluten free recipes. So many cakes call for it.

Anyways the person who wanted this cake is a close friend so I thought I would give it a shot. Worst case if it flopped they would (hopefully) forgive me!

It’s a good thing we just finished Pesach! Lots of those chametz free cakes don’t have gluten.After digging through my pesach recipe book I settled on one.

I have to admit the fondant covering the cake is not gluten free. That was a little too much to ask for. It’s a good thing the customer wasn’t allergic to gluten just keeping away from it otherwise I would have been REALLY stuck!

A little (edible) hand painting and some 3-D flowers. The customer loved it!