Biker cake

Vivian Bercovici (Right) with pro cyclist Boivin

This was one of my more unusual orders. Maybe its the fact that the customer was the Canadian ambassador! I had to create a cake for a world class Canadian Cyclist who was joining the Israeli team.

Event – Israeli cycling team celebration.

Customer – Vivian Bercovici (The Canadian Ambassador)

Venue – The Ambassadors house

What I like about this cake – Color contrast

Challenges – Making the flags on top of the cake stable enough to last through a 1 1/2 hour car ride.

When it comes to making a themed cakes, I’m always careful to maintain the elegant, clean look I strive for in my cakes and at the same time incorporate in  different sculpted objects such as a bike that can look rather childish and definitely not elegant.

In this case, I was glad to find out that the team’s logo was relatively plain and modern and contained a striking contrast of colors, lime green and black.

Isreal pro cycling team logo

Team Logo










I think what really topped it off was the use of that exact color scheme on the bottom tier,lime green lace on a solid black background.

As for the bike, being the only prop I did go into a bit more detail, but sticking to those two basic but important colors, black and white.